Thursday, February 14, 2013

my first Tussie Mussie!

Today i made my very first TP Tussie Mussie. for those of you who don't know what that is, it's a toilet paper roll that is pinched and glued at the bottom. you fill them with treats for the recipient. I really like how this turned out and it was super simple to do!
I added the image i purchased online and then i embellished it with flowers and ran a ribbon down each side and made a handle to hold it by. Ta Da Done! Even you could make one of these. Yes you! Oh come on, give it a whirl...

spring tags

Just thought i would share some tags i made for the "Hangin with my Peeps" Tag Swap over at

Happy Valentines Day!

For Valentines Day i thought i would try my hand at making candy bouquets for the kids and take them to their schools. I watched a tutorial on youtube and away i went, i bought most of the supplies at the Dollar Tree so the cost was minimal (around $20 for all three) here are the pics aren't they adorable!?

I also made valentines for the kids to take to school. I got the idea off of pinterest and went with it. First i designed my own tag that said "I need 'smore' friends like you" and then i filled the bags with the ingredients for them to make their own smore. here is how they turned out...

Altered Cigar box

So the other day i decided to finally alter my first cigar box. it did turn out cute but not exactly what i had envisioned. I actually got a real cigar box from a tobacco shop instead of buying one of those balsa boxes at Michaels.

My first piece of advice is DO NOT peel the stickers off the top of the box. I did this thinking it would make the box smoother and easier to cover, i was wrong! the top came off and i have to just sit it on top and press it into place. My second piece of advise is dont cover the edges of the lid with too much paper. I also did this and i have to force my box to close.But again, these are only my experiences with an actual cigar box. Balsa boxes may be entirely different.

now on to my project...

I didnt go into too much detail when decorating this box. I just used what i had laying around in my stash, which wasnt much as you can see.
First i covered the entire box, inside and out with sheet music...

I then found a brightly colored floral napkin and seperated it until i only had one sheet. This makes the napkin more transparent. You can see in the picture above where i used the napkin to cover the outside of the box only. Because the napkin was transparent you could still see the sheet music through it which i thought added a little bit more interest in the piece. 
Next I added the lace and ribbons to the side with a hot glue gun, as well as the flowers and embellishments to the top of the box. easy peasy.

My next box is a steam punk inspired cigar box for a swap on wish me luck! and I really hope you all try this for yourself I had a ton of fun doing it. My 7 year old even helped. If she can craft a cigar box so can you.


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