Monday, March 11, 2013

My first card EVER!

I know it sounds crazy, but i have never made a card. I have altered objests, made books, screenprinted, letterpressed, I can make logos, posters and signs, but mini albums and cards have eluded me for some time. I have just recently started branching out and making my first mini album just last week. So i thought why not make a card? My friend Leslie is having her 800+ subbie giveaway challenge and you have to make a card to get entries. I think i may enter. Just for the fun of it and who knows i might win me some awesome prizes! Could you imagine that? 800+ subbies? I only have 10 on my youtube. Wow! But back to the card, This image is of my very first card. EVER! It's not perfect but i still like it!